Antidepressant (Or ‘The Sun’)

The following short poem is my somewhat simplistic description of the moment when you find yourself breaking free from the agonizing grip of depression. The light I mention in the poem is different for different people and how long the light shines depends on where it’s found, but it is my prayer that everyone who feels down and depressed finds a light to warm them.


When a small light, by the grace of God,
Appears amid the darkness inside,
My body shivers and warmth begins
To claim the land where great cold resides.

My body’s shivering dislodges
The solid ice that clings to my bones.
I drink in warmth where I can find it.
My heart sings; my soul no longer groans.

The light with its warmth grows and expands
And the battle with darkness is won
When it forms deep within my being
A bright, golden, life-sustaining sun.



Featured image found here via a Google search.


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