Your Dreamland

My usual preface will be a post-face this time around.

Your Dreamland”

When fatigue wrestles your body
And sleep comes and closes your eyes,
Leaving you to embrace a dream
That stirs the mind and your soul sighs,
I pray that I will be there still
To smiles inspire and grief kill.

See me there, ever beside you,
Pushing you on to live your dream
And willing to lead you forward
To conquer and tame the extreme.
The mountains will move here to there.
Seas will be calm and skies be fair.

When you awaken and forget
The specific things we’ll have done,
Remember beauty and my presence
And radiance bright as the sun.
Run to find me roaming as planned
And explain to me your dreamland.


“Dream a little dream of me.” “If you’re dreaming, are you dreaming of me?” “Thinking of you keeps me awake. Dreaming of you keeps me asleep.”

Dreaming of someone, in popular culture and language, usually has some kind of romantic meaning. That’s not meant to be the case in my poem here. While the “you” is meant to always be the reader, the “I” can be just about anyone who cares about you. When writing the poem, I had a specific “I” in mind, but I happily leave room for interpretation. When you read the poem, think of love. Don’t think necessarily of romantic love or young love or old love. Just think of love. Though perhaps a bit cliché, that’s what this poem is about.


Featured image found here.


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