“In life, there will be people who will disappoint you and let you down.”

It was something I was told often, even at an early age. There will be times in life when you’re counting on someone to do something and they won’t come through for you. It’s something that I’ve been shown is true multiple times in my life when friends or family disappointed me. Sometimes that person was me.

Another lesson I was taught: “God never disappoints and never lets us down.” It’s one of the most basic lessons you can learn as a Christian. It’s something that many outside of the Christian body understand about the Christian God. God is love and God loves eternally. Love never quits or fails.

This poem speaks to both of those lessons and kind of juxtaposes them. I chose Icarus mainly because the myth has been following me around lately and I felt it fit fairly well with what I’m trying to say here. Hope you enjoy it.


The noon sunlit sky is blue and bright—
The wellspring of opportunity.
It waits for us to dare take flight
And to prove our immunity
To the thing that holds us grounded.

My wings are of angelic form.
Although beautiful, they are not
Built to withstand each frightful storm
And they’ll burn if the sun’s too hot,
Leaving me helpless in the air.

When, like Icarus, I am pulled
From the sky and hurled towards the sea,
I’ll first pray for God to enfold
Me, then look and hope that I’ll see
You there, preparing to catch me.

You won’t follow when I’m flying;
You won’t catch me when I’m falling.

A hand breaks the sky and holds me.
Its divine touch wakens my soul
And bestows the ability
To soar without wings and control
The heat of the sun above me.

The hand guides me to a calm sky
And shows me the world that it made.
In faith, I’ll fly; in doubt, I’ll cry
And tumble towards Earth disarrayed,
But the hand will never leave me.

He will guide me when I’m flying;
He will catch me when I’m falling.

I must say that it felt great to write a poem again after almost two months of having neither the time nor the inspiration to do so.


Featured image, by Frank Frazetta, found here.


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