How to be Old-Fashioned in a Post-Modern World

I think the title is self-explanatory.

How to be Old-Fashioned in a Post-Modern World:

Speak kindly and respect everyone.
Always embrace them and never shun.
Seek wisdom and not life’s dull pleasures.
Show lost souls the light and don’t lose yours.

Stay home and just read a good book.
Meet a frown with a smile and kind look.
Open the door for the burdened man.
With your parents be sure to make plans.

To stop and help always take the time.
Don’t cheer the punishment for a crime.
See no fun in drinking yourself sick.
To tell them “I love you,” Jack, be quick.

Don’t voice offense, instead, keep thick skin.
Place last with honor and humbly win.
Come to accept that science can’t prove.
Consider that the Spirit might move.

Declare valuable all human life.
Respect that she’s another man’s wife.
Keep in mind that mere men are not gods.
Fight for what’s right, no matter the odds.

Dare to call evil what is just that.
Refuse to, with the mockers, be sat.
Host a stranger; fear not what he’ll take.
Think of the old when new friends you make.

Seek not gold riches; pursue knowledge
To a life of action make the pledge.
Often write your emotions in rhyme.
Go change the world one heart at a time.



^ I had to make a pun.


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